27 Delightful Things You and Your Kids Can Do When Stuck at Home

Erica and daughter Annabelle

It’s difficult to turn anywhere social media, the news, or even looking outside your window without seeing the impact Coronavirus is having on our world. It’s devastating and frustrating on a variety of levels, and our hearts go out to everyone affected. And while we don’t mean to downplay the seriousness of these global events, we know that worry will not move us forward.

There are still so many good things to embrace despite the illness and quarantine. Relationships will not be canceled. Self-care will not be canceled. Hope will not be canceled. We’ve compiled this list of activities that respect social distancing, keep your little ones entertained and educated, and help you recharge. Let’s lean into the good things that bring us peace and joy.

Activities for Kids

  • Create a sensory bin: Full of interesting textures, sensory bins are incredibly entertaining for toddlers. Explore this list of over 40 bin ideas you’re bound to have many of these things at home already!

  • Start a garden: Whether you’re allowing seeds to germinate indoors or building an outdoor space, this is a fun and sustainable activity. Check out 12 of the best preschool gardening ideas.

    Image source: teaching2and3yearolds.com

  • Try a new craft: Want to try something other than drawing, but not sure where to start? ReCraft, a second hand craft and hobby store, is offering Mystery Craft Boxes to get you inspired.

  • Keep learning: Many education companies are offering free activities due to school closing. Explore these 70 at-home educational activities.

  • Visit children’s museums (virtually!): These 12 kid’s museums offer online activities from games to tours.

    Children's Museum
    Image source: Children's Museum of Indianapolis

  • Check out ebooks from your library: Your library card gives you access to resources like OverDrive with thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines.

  • Build a pillow fort: Give into the chaos your home won’t stay picture perfect right now anyway! See if you can architect something more epic than these incredible forts.

  • Go explore outside: Try a new walking trail, play ball, go sledding, or take a bike ride! Staying in your yard? Here are 7 fun and simple outdoor activities.

  • Get active indoors: Stuck inside with bad weather or sick little ones? Explore these 50+ easy indoor activities.

    Indoor Activities
    Image source: hellowonderful.co

  • Donate toys: Ask your kids for help sorting toys and determining which to donate. This article has great tips to get your little ones involved.

Activities for You

  • Work out: Go outside if you can. Bad weather? Take advantage of online lessons. Yoga and pilates instructor Kayla Ankeny created this yoga workout video to help you feel spacious and strong.

    Kayla, Yoga Instructor
    Image Source: Kayla Ankeny 

  • Get some retail therapy: If your finances allows, hop online and do a little shopping. Consider purchasing from small businesses who are financially challenged by these times. Don’t need anything? Purchase gift cards for future use. And if your cash flow is tight, you can still help. Write online reviews or reshare social posts for your favorite small businesses.

  • Read a book: Here are 15 stellar titles to help you relax and de-stress.

  • Netflix & chill: Discover our 10 binge-worthy Netflix shows for expecting and new moms.

  • Write snail mail: Send notes of gratitude to your friends and family.

  • Kickstart your spring cleaning: It’s time to hop on the Marie Kondo bandwagon! Keep only the items that invite joy into your life. Consider reviewing your kids’ clothing too, and take note of anything that can be worn now. Connect with local charities or friends to see if anyone is in immediate need.

  • Explore arts & crafts: A Beautiful Mess has some chic crafts you’ll love for yourself and your home.

    Arts & crafts
    Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

  • Cook or bake a new recipe: Limited on ingredients? Browse this Emergency Preparedness Cookbook that turns essential foods into delightful treats.

  • Try online therapy: Protect your mental health with virtual therapy through Talkspace. Or, tap into guided meditation and mindfulness app Headspace.

  • Take a virtual museum tour: 12 famous museums are offering free virtual tours you can take from your couch.

  • Appease your wanderlust: Many tourism hubs are releasing videos so you can experience them virtually. For example, check out these videos from Israel, or view panoramic tours around the globe.

    Dead Sea
    Image Source: Israel21C.org

  • Complete a home improvement project: Identify those nagging projects that you’ve never made the time for. Paint the trim. Upgrade your cabinet hardware. Sand and stain furniture. 

  • Volunteer online: Make a big impact with these 9 virtual volunteer opportunities or visit Catchafire to search a range of activities that align with your skills

  • Start an online scavenger hunt: Create a group text with your friends and see who can find the dreamist or strangest homes on Zillow.

    Zillow Homes
    Image Source: Zillow

  • Home spa day: Take a bath, light a candle, and play some smooth jazz (or whatever you’re into!).

  • Play a multiplayer game online: SIMS, Runescape (throwback!), Pokemon Go! So many chances to have some fun and interact with your friends.

  • Create (or update!) your photo albums: Mixbook offers beautiful physical photo books. And as a plus -- they’re offering 55% off now with code ANNUAL20.

What else do you love to do? Drop your ideas below so our readers can enjoy them too.

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