10 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows for Expecting & New Moms


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Whether you’re stuck on the sofa with morning sickness or nap-trapped with a sleeping babe, chances are you might be inclined to watch a little more TV these days.

We’re sharing 10 of our favorite Netflix shows for expecting and new moms. And trust us — if you’ve seen some of these before entering motherhood, we promise they’ll have a whole new meaning with your mama glasses on.

Whether you’re into comedy, fantasy, reality TV, or documentaries, there’s something for everyone. We’re also including trigger warnings and ratings so you can add the best ones for you to your list.

Workin’ Moms

Career, a family, “me time.” How can a mama have it all? This fresh look into working motherhood is not just honest and relatable. It’s also hilarious.

Follow characters like PR exec Kate, therapist Anne, and realtor Frankie as they journey through returning to work, postpartum depression, and evolving family dynamics.

“I don’t care if my breasts are spouting gasoline, formula is a decision a mother should make.”

Our Rating: R (Language, Nudity, Drug References)
Netflix Rating: TV-MA 
Genre: Comedy
Trigger Warnings: Postpartum Depression, Abortion, Cheating
Seasons: 3 and counting

The Letdown

Feel like a hot mess express? Protagonist Audrey has encountered every mom fail you’ve criticized yourself for and more.

You’ll feel in good company watching her navigate new mom life. Warning — if you’re newly postpartum, make sure to do your kegels or you may leave a puddle in your seat.

“This is a job. It’s just unpaid. With heaps of overtime. And slightly undervalued, if I’m being honest.”

Our Rating: PG-13 (Cursing)
Netflix Rating: TV-MA 
Genre: Comedy
Trigger Warnings: Abortion
Seasons: 2

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

Pregnancy is... beautiful. A gift. A Demolition job.

In Hard Knock Wife, comedian Ali Wong explores the less-than-magical elements of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.

She shamelessly broadcasts the topics you only discuss with your bestie — or maybe save just for your internal dialogue. This is another kegel alert show! A little raunchy, but we promise you can’t hold back the laughter.

On breastfeeding “People kept asking, ‘Ali, how did you get so skinny after the baby?’ She sucked the life outta me!”

Our Rating: R (Language, Sexual References)
Netflix Rating: TV-MA
Genre: Stand Up Comedy
Trigger Warnings: Miscarriage
Seasons: 1

Jane the Virgin

Ever watch a telenovela? If not, you’re in for a treat. This one will introduce you to the beauty of the genre with a modern twist.

Here’s the premise: Jane, a hotel waitress, goes in for her annual pap and is accidentally artificially inseminated by an emotionally distressed doctor. As shocking as the news is for Jane, you can only imagine how it lands for her serious boyfriend. Come to find out the sperm belongs to the owner of the hotel she works at — and he’s a total catch. That’s just one of many unbelievable plot twists that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

This show is also creatively written and masterfully executed. It’s no surprise it’s won and been nominated for so many awards.

On breastfeeding “When he opens his mouth will you stuff my boob in it like it's a hamburger?”

Our Rating: PG (Language, Sexual References)
Netflix Rating: TV-14
Genre: RomCom / Telenovela
Trigger Warnings: Addiction
Seasons: 5

Good Girls

The first time you look into your child’s eyes, you just know you’d do anything for them. Anything, right?

Rob a bank? Wash money for a gang? Maybe you wouldn’t go quite that far. But for mamas Beth, Ruby, and Annie, it seemed the best route to overcome their personal financial crises.

If you’ve seen the show Weeds, consider this the more “PG,” and slightly funnier version.

“Bad guys don’t ring doorbells.”

Our Rating: PG-13  (Language, Violence)
Netflix Rating: TV-14
Genre: Comedy-Drama
Trigger Warnings: Adultery
Seasons: 2 and counting

The Crown

All about that royal life? Or in the mood for some mental stimulation?

Follow Queen Elizabeth II's reign in this elegant, emotional, and captivating historical drama. And if you’re curious about balancing motherhood and marriage, her experience will certainly provide some perspective!

“We can’t be everything to everyone and still be true to ourselves.”

Our Rating: PG 
Netflix Rating: TV-MA
Genre: Historical Drama
Trigger Warnings: Adultery
Seasons: 3 and counting

Call the Midwife

If you’ve got baby fever, this is the show for you. Set in the 1950s, Call the Midwife follows the vivacious young women who attend the births of East London.

The character development of the young nurses and nuns will keep you clicking “I’m still watching.” And the pregnancy and birth stories will pull at your heart strings.

"Hard work makes a mother. We like to think something magical happens at birth and for some it does. But the real magic is keeping on when all you want to do is run."

Our Rating: PG-13 (Birth Scenes)
Netflix Rating: TV-14
Genre: Drama
Trigger Warnings: Abortion, Difficult Births
Seasons: 8 and counting


Need a little escape, but stuck at home? Transport yourself to Scotland. And the year 1743, while we’re playing make-believe.

British Army nurse Claire Randall (of the 20th century) was traveling in Scotland with her husband when she accidentally traveled back in time. In survival mode, she quickly adapts to living 200 years earlier (without being labeled as a “witch” for her modern medical knowledge). And — spoiler alert — she falls madly in love with a new (or old?) hottie.

We won’t give away more details than that, but this action-packed romance will keep you engaged. 

“I can bear pain myself. But I could not bear yours. That would take more strength than I have.”

Our Rating: R (Violence, Nudity, Language)
Netflix Rating: TV-MA  
Genre: Fantasy-Romance
Trigger Warnings: War, rape, infant loss
Seasons: 3

Yummy Mummies

Missing the glam of your pre-pregnancy life? Well, these elite mamas have found a way to change diapers in stilettos. 

Their lavish parties and over-the-top lifestyles will leave you oddly comforted by the normalcy of your own life. And we don’t mean to play favorites — but, we definitely identify with some of the moms more than others. Regardless, we’d still be over the moon if they invited us out for a brunch date!


Our Rating: PG-13
Netflix Rating: TV-MA  
Genre: Reality Show
Trigger Warnings: Feeling strapped for cash? The spending habits of these moms may get under your skin.
Seasons: 2


9 Months that Made You

Itching to learn something from your TV time? This documentary walks through all the incredible things that happen during the weeks leading up to birth.

It will inspire you to eat those leafy greens during pregnancy. And it will also take the fear out of all the things that can “go wrong” — instead showing how genetic mutations can be beautifully unique. 

“I do feel beautiful, it’s not something that’s easy for me, but it is something that grows stronger and stronger each day.” - Melanie Gaydos, Model with Ectodermal Dysplasia

Our Rating:
Netflix Rating: TV-PG  
Genre: Documentary
Trigger Warnings: If you’re particularly concerned about an abnormal pregnancy, be mindful before clicking play.
Seasons: 1

So much to love! Let’s recap:


  1. Workin’ Moms
  2. The Letdown
  3. Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

Dramatic Comedy

  1. Jane the Virgin
  2. Good Girls


  1. The Crown
  2. Call the Midwife
  3. Outlander

Reality Show

  1. Yummy Mummies


  1. 9 Months That Made You

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