Our Story

Hey mama! I'm Valerie — a mother, designer, and lover of style.

Mother nursing son

When I became a mother, I felt a plethora of things. Joyful about this precious, tiny human I had the privilege to raise. But also unsure of my abilities as a first-time mom. Nervous about my capacity to thrive in this new role while maintaining a career. And uncomfortable in my body, which I wished could make me look like superwoman when I didn’t feel like her.

As the days of my maternity leave ticked away, I looked to my closet for a costume to give me an extra bit of confidence. But it was the first time the excuse “I have nothing to wear” was legitimate. It either didn’t fit, wasn’t flattering, didn’t work for breastfeeding (and pumping), or wasn’t professional enough.

So I sketched. Then researched. And planned. Today, I thank my lucky stars that I now get to share this apparel with you. All of our apparel incorporates the following features which were so important to me:

  • Made in the US by a woman and minority-owned manufacturer
  • Water-repellent, stain-resistant, and wrinkle-repellent
  • Transitional from pregnancy to postpartum
  • Functional for breastfeeding or double pumping
  • Packaged and shipped in biodegradable and/or recycled materials

Our brand exists to remind moms of all shapes and sizes of their strength and beauty. We celebrate your gumption. It takes strong will and determination to raise tiny humans. And we cheer on every parent for their energy and love. 

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Throughout your pregnancy, nursing journey, and perhaps even beyond, I hope you will always feel like you have a look that is becoming on you, mama!